Mar 5, 2013

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The Top 10 Best Fashion Blogs for Professional Women

fashion blogs1. Corporate Fashionista: With a sleek web design and chic style guides, Corporate Fashionista is a great blog for business women. The suggestions and style inspirations are perfect for a working atmosphere because they are professional yet unique.

2. Corporette: Corporette is a blog that mixes fashion with work. This blog offers weekly posts on style options for professional women. On top of offering style advice, this blog shows readers how to save on fashion, and it offers career advice.

3. Work Chic: Finding the balance between chic and professional is challenging for some women. Luckily, Work Chic offers helpful tips for picking out the perfect outfit for work. Each week, readers can find new posts about incorporating trends in a professional outfit.

4. Can I Wear That to Work: Can I Wear That to Work is a fashion blog about trends in the workplace. This blog provides frequent posts about whether a trend can be worn to work or not. This blog is written by a sassy lawyer who is also a fashion girl, so the outfits and recommendations are tested in the workplace.

5. Executive Chic: Executive Chic is a blog written by a fashionista in a corporate world. This blog provides frequent tips and tricks that will help readers strike the perfect balance between professional and fashionable.

6. Day2Night: Day2Night is a fashion blog that helps women plan the perfect work outfit and makeup, and it also provides suggestions for turning a day look into a night look with accessories.

7. Fashionnette-Work: This blog is perfect for women who want to add a daring twist to a plain work outfit. No “corporate ties” or run-of-the-mill style here. This blog shows you ways you can incorporate the latest trends in a work outfit without looking unprofessional. On top of that, this blog shows you ways you can accessories your outfit for an extra punch of personality.

8. The Budget Fashionista: The Budget Fashionista is a blog that shows women how to dress for work in cute clothes without spending too much money. The Budget Fashionista usually posts about stores that are having sales, and it helps you find savings for your work outfits.

9. I am Not a Supermodel: I am Not a Supermodel is a fashion blog that is written by a regular working woman for regular working women. The fashion tips in this blog are all doable in real life because they are trendy, not over-the-top.

10. Lip Stick Alley: This blog is perfect for working women because it has tips for creating the perfect makeup look for working women.

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